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Collapsible / Retractable Gates

Collapsible or retractable security grilles are both a strong physical barrier and are very versatile, they are becoming more widely used in homes and businesses in cities such as Brighton throughout the UK. 

They are installed internally into a window or door reveal and can be unlocked and pushed back out of the way when not in use and commonly used for purposes of ventilation or pet guards.  When open they typically only occupy about 15% of the window opening and can often be hidden behind the curtains.  When required they are simply pulled across and locked, our security grilles have the option of standard push locks with radial keys or high security Adams Rite hook locks, each type of lock can be keyed the same for multiple installations.

Our collapsible gates are manufactured from pickets that are 16mm x 10mm x 3mm channel section – one of the thickest gate sections on the market! This is an extremely versatile security product providing protection when closed and remains unobtrusive when open and can be finished in powder coat finish to match any colour of existing interior decoration.

Open Collapsible / Retractable Gates Closed Collapsible / Retractable Gates

Mesh Panel Grilles

Widely seen on shop fronts in the Lanes of Brighton, Our most popular style of mesh is large or small diamond construction for permanent or removable panels. Various meshes are available in galvanised and non-galvanised steel, including 1” and 2” square or diamond mesh.

The panels are manufactured from mild steel, with a framework that edges the mesh to give extra strength and provides either permanent fixings or padlocking points for removable mesh panel grilles. Permanent, lift off or hinged, the security grille is made to measure to suit any opening and can be powder coated to match any colour of existing shop front colours.

Mesh Panel

Tel: 01273 270 619
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