Security Safes

Security Safes

Looking to buy a safe for your home or business?

Within the current climate of ever increasing crime, securing your cash, documents & valuables has never been more important.

We offer a comprehensive range of free standing, wall and under floor security safes, there is also a wide range of fire & media safes available.

Not only do we supply a huge range of safes, we also open, service & repair most makes of safes, so if you require any more information on the services we provide or would like professional advice to assist you on your selection of a safe we can help.

Safe Opening

Do you need a safe opening? If you have a jammed safe or have damaged or lost keys we can help; our engineers are highly skilled in safe opening and will always aim to open your safe using picking or manipulation methods where ever possible to minimise damage and allow the owner / user to continue using the safe avoiding the need for a replacement.

Safe Opening Service

Home & Business Safes

The most popular types of safes are generally free standing and fixed to a floor or wall, available in a wide range of sizes and achieving an insurance cash rating between £1K and £6K. Most of the business safes & home safes have options of either standard key lock or electronic code entry and are ideal for protecting jewellery, valuables and documents at home.

Whether you are looking for advice to purchase a small home safe or a business safe, we are able to assist you with selecting the right product from all the leading manufacturers and will provide you with a very competitive quote.

Home & Business Safes

Fire & Media Safes

A fire safe is designed to protect your valuables from heat and smoke damage caused by fire. It is important to choose the correct safe when purchasing as the protection of the contents is determined by the type of fire safe and its fire rating. They can be used to store personal items, such as cash, jewellery, media, laptops or important documents which cannot be easily replaced. Storing such items in a fire safe provides peace of mind with the knowledge that they are safe from fire as well as burglary.

We recommend checking the interior dimensions of any fire safe you may be interested in, to be sure it is adequate for your needs prior to purchase as they mostly have thicker walls and smaller interiors spaces than standard safes,

Fire Safes

Wall Safes

Wall safes are an excellent choice for storing small amounts of cash and valuables at home. They can be a very convenient security safe to use as often they can be installed into solid brick of dry linned walls at a comfortable height for the user.

Similarly to underfloor safes, part of their security is that they can be hidden away out of sight behind pictures or other wall coverings.

Wall Safes

Under Floor Safes

Underfloor safes are designed to be buried below ground level in either solid concrete or within shuttering under wooden floors, made from high quality steel and fitted with extremely secure locks, you can be sure they will keep your valuables away from prying eyes and would be burglars.

We are happy to supply and install under floor safes from all the leading brands, they all have a wide variety of designs, sizes and cash ratings to meet most personal and insurance requirements.

Whichever make and model of under floor safe you decide to go for, you’ll benefit from the highest levels of protection from burglary and theft.

Under Floor Safes

Key Safes

We can supply and fit Wall Mountable combination or code access Key Safes, they are the perfect secure place for putting your spare key.

Common uses for the wall mountable key safes include providing reliable access for care staff for general visits and emergencies, great for when you’re away and your pets need feeding or for when you accidentally get locked out.

Key Safes

Security Safe services for Brighton & Hove, Worthing, Horsham, Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Lewes, Peacehaven, & Newhaven & across Sussex.

 These security safe related services are provided for Brighton & Hove, Worthing, Horsham, Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Lewes, Peacehaven, & Newhaven & across Sussex.

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